Egusi – Melon Seed


price per g. ₦1,400 per 1kg

Egusi (Melon Seed) packaged by DoligeriaBiosystems is one of the best ever introduced to the Nigeria market.

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Egusi (Melon Seed) is one of the most patronized processed products of DoligeriaBiosystems.
Grown by experts and processed by professionals in the field, every single egusi packaged by DoligeriBiosystems is of the world-class standard especially; when the company’s aim is to gaining consumers satisfaction, we produce, process and package with consumers’ viewpoint.

Quick Facts
  • Sourced from the nature’s finest
  • Shelled by machine.
  • Cleared by machine.
  • Processed in hygienic environment.
  • Ideally packaged.
  • Aimed and prepared for final consumers’ utmost satisfaction.
Egusi - Mellon Seed - DoligeriaBiosystems

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